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Lorialla is a 2-piece indie rock band from Coachella Valley, California, developed and produced by South African born producer and songwriter, Esjay Jones.  

Along with Grammy-Nominated partners, Ariel Chobaz (Nicki Minaj) and Josh Mosser (Imagine Dragons), Lorialla's objectives are to create and produce music and mnemonics for feature films, commercials, major product brands and sports leagues.


Lorialla is Paul Cotterell (vocals) and Tom Collins (guitar). You can hear "FLY" in the UFC "Road to the Octagon" documentary.



Brock was the runner up on Canada's "The Next Star" - season 2.  His single "Edge (End of the World)" reached #31 on the Hot AC Billboard charts and #13 on the Billboard chart for Canadian Emerging Artists.


Esjay was introduced to Brock via an industry contact and was blown away by his vocal ability and marketability. 


Brock is currently in studio working with Trey Vittetoe, Gina Schock and Esjay Jones, developing songs and an unforgettable brand to stand-out in a competitive music industry.




A daughter of one of the country's music meccas, Los Angeles, Chloe Star Nakhjavanpour, also known as "Etch" is a 17-year old rising star.


Esjay and Trey Vittetoe co-wrote and produced her first single "Going To Coachella" (A Tribute song to the Coachella Music Festival) which took internet and social media by storm in April 2015. 


"I want to tell my story to everyone through my music and show everyone that I am living proof that you can overcome tough situations in life. I want people to listen to my music and know that they aren't alone."


Her infectious freestyles and hooks over syncopated chords combine pop, hip hop, and rock to create truly original, memorable music.




Martin Ross is a classicly trained pianist, singer, songwriter and entertainer from Tacoma, WA who performs over 300 shows a year. 


Martin has been a career musician since the age of 17, playing locally, nationally and internationally - whether it be fronting a hometown band, laying it out on the keys solo or leading a 12 piece orchestra, he is poised and brilliant.


Esjay has teamed up with Martin to write and produce a Top 40 Adult contemporary album inspired by Adele, John Legend and Michael Buble.




Will Kelly grew up playing piano and singing in church with his mother. Inspired by legendary R&B singers of the '90s, Will began writing his own songs cultivating a theme around inspiration and love. After joining the Navy, traveling the world experiencing many levels of humanity, Will decided to "be the change I wish to see" and he hopes to do so through his gift of music.


Esjay and her Production Partner Trey Vitteoe recently produced Will's single "Carry The Love" and will be developing the artist in the future.


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